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Having the Right Team is Key to Rental Property Success

If you are looking to rent your property for income then having the right management company is going to be key. Why? Because without a good rental property management team on your side you will have to deal with a whole series of issues and conflicts including renting the property out, working out all contracts, fix any issues with the property and have all proper paperwork in place.

This is hard but as the owner or landlord, this creates a series of conflicts or contact with the renter that you do not want to deal with. For a small monthly fee the Property Management team will make sure the property is rented out properly, no vacancies, all contracts are done. And they will take care of any maintenance issues that arise during the stay of the tenant.

It’s a no brainer and a reason why more and more landlords are going to a property management model to maximize the value of their time and real estate holdings. To learn more go to the GSA at the USA website.


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We area a team of Brokers, Agents, Lenders, Escrow Officers, Mortgage Processors, Title Reps and Marketing experts who work the entire Orange County area. By keeping a close knit team, we are able to offer better service at a discount price. The OC Homefinder team was developed by Shan Roberts back in 2001 from a a single website. As our business grew we added more and more website. At the height of the real estate market we had over 70 website.  With the huge onset of clients the team needed to be expanded. We seek out to find real estate professionals that would give the same quality of service. This became the OC Homefinder Team.  Besides having some of the greatest agents in Orange County working with us, we have also started offering lending services. We have also built some great relationships with Escrow and Title companies. By doing the volume we do with these companies, and having strong relationships, gives you, as one of our clients, a definite edge that you won’t get with most other Agents.

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Getting a loan can be confusing, we know there is a lot of questions on your mind.  Getting a loan is a bit trickery than it used to be. We can quickly assess if you will qualify for a loan, no forms, no credit checks, just a few questions. We would love to earn your business, and we know that the more you understand the process and how your loan works, the more you will be willing to let us represent you in getting your next loan. Call us today for a free over the phone consultation.

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We have a great way to save you money on commission and still get more marketing than you would find with brokers charging higher commissions. We charge only 5% for rental listing and still give you all the services your looking for. We are able to keep our fee low by doing most all of our services in house. Also using aggressive marketing techniques and campaigns we are able to get the attention of more qualified potential renter without the need of working with outside agents.

We know your main concern with any rental situation is to find high quality tenants. Are credit and thorough screening process along with background checks, and web research allows us to find the right tenant for your property.  Plus by using our in-house services we can get your tenant processed and under contract quicker than most property management services.